Plans to demolish an empty pub in Thamesmead have been submitted to Bexley Council.

Peabody have put in an application to demolish the Barge Pole Pub to the east of Harrow Manorway.

The boozer has been empty since January, and forms part of the Coralline Walk area of the south Thamesmead Estate.

Peabody, who purchased the pub at the end of January, said in their application: "The principle of demolishing the Barge Pole Public House was not objected to during the consultation process

on the planning applications."

The pub had its license revoked by Bexley Council in 2016 following a New Year's Eve stabbing.

According to the application, the demolition work will be undertaken in early 2018 and last for about two months.

Harrow Manorway is part of a major improvement project, which has included plans for 272 new homes in a tower block at the junction with Eynsham Drive.

In 2016, Peabody announced proposals for a £1bn regeneration programme for Thamesmead over the next ten years.