A Bromley councillor has said progress is now being made to improve one of the most complained about junctions in the borough.

Conservative councillor Michael Rutherford said he will soon be consulting with residents on how to make Beckenham Lane junction safer.

He said: "There is a real problem for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists here. For pedestrians there is a real lack of road crossings, particularly by Shortland Station. There is no separate lanes either.

"We have been lobbying for quite a while to get some improvements on this junction for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

"We have met with the environment portfolio provider and traffic officers to come up with ideas for proposals. They are currently working out some options for us.

"It is a really complex junction. It will take a while to come up with proposals but we will be consulting soon so don't be surprised to see some information coming through your letter box."

He added that if residents had concerns they could contact him directly or his coleagues Nicky Dykes or Will Harmer.

Mr Rutherford said stationery traffic is a regular feature of Beckenham Lane during peak times because of the junction.