All the images here are photos we don’t think you’ll believe were taken in SE London or north Kent – but they very much were.

We asked members of News Shopper’s camera club to share pictures of views, buildings and streets that don’t look like they could be local scenes.

They came up with some great photos showing the area has a lot more interesting sights, and certainly more fields and open spaces, than you might think.

A picture by Jenny LeBeau showing a beautifully tranquil scene on the River Cray was our favourite and won the £50 monthly camera club prize.

News Shopper:

The News Shopper Camera Club is for people looking to get their photos published online and in print.

Now with more than 430 members, the club invites people to share their best photos from around SE London and north Kent, as well as talk to fellow photographers, join in projects and enter competitions.

If you’re an enthusiastic amateur snapper, you can request to join the group on Facebook here

Once accepted, you’ll be able to add your pictures to the group, join in the conversation and contests and also possibly have some of your photos used here in the newspaper or on our website.

A general ‘photo of the month’ competition is running in February and we’re also inviting photos on the themes of love for Valentine’s Day and also winter weather.