Protestors complete with giant fluffy vulture on a stick gathered in New Cross Gate to mourn the closure of their local crown post office.

Dressed specifically in all-black mourning outfits, the despondent group got together on February 10 to voice their displeasure that the large crown post office would be axed

A petition with 3,000 was delivered to Downing Street earlier in the week as people felt unhappy that their post office was to be replaced by one up the road as part of a One Stop shop.

Dubbed the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” by protestors due to February 14 being the final opening day, the mourners read out eulogies for their soon-to-be deceased building.

Kirsten Downer, local campaigner said: “We’re concerned about this downgrading of services. There will be fewer counters in the new shop, and vulnerable people will have to queue past lottery tickets and alcohol.

“There are no guarantees of a long term service under a private provider – up the road in Deptford post office services are in the back of a shop which has since closed, and it looks like a junk shop.”

New Cross councillor Joe Dromey said: “It is deeply disappointing that the Post Office are pressing on with this closure despite the huge opposition in New Cross.

“The closure will be bad for Post Office staff, bad for local businesses and bad for our community. It means replacing good quality jobs on decent pay with insecure, low-paid work.”

Brenda Dacres, New Cross councillor said: “New Cross Gate Crown Post Office provides a vital service to the local community and beyond.

“To lose such services, as well as such experienced, caring and unionised staff will gravely impact those who need this local post office. Among those will be pensioners and vulnerable people.”

Cllr Alan Hall said: “New Cross Gate Crown Post Office provides a vital public service. It will be missed. Hundreds of customers and local residents have signed our banner and book to say thank you for the years of public service.”

Roger Gale, Post Office sales and trade marketing director, said: “We are taking the right action to sustain services for years to come.”