The owner of disused public toilets says he will rent his land to travellers if his appeal on a third application to build flats in Biggin Hill is rejected.

Danny McCoy, 34, bought public toilets at the junction of Temple Road and Main Road Biggin Hill five or six years ago.

In 2015 Mr McCoy, based in Stoke, applied for seven flats to be built on the site.

This was rejected after objections from locals. A second application to build five flats was also opposed by Bromley Council.

Mr McCoy was then left furious after this third application, which was to build three flats, was rejected last month.

He told News Shopper: "Local people think it is an over development and it would invade privacy but that is not the case.

“I will rent it out to travellers. Everyone who has gone against it will wish they didn’t. I am not trying to play tit for tat. But my only option is to now rent it out to travellers.

"If the travellers pay rent I will be a happy man.”

Mr McCoy is currently in the process of appealing the third application, but says if it is unsuccessful he will rent to travellers for one year before applying for a fourth time.

He said: "Renting it out to travellers is not the best scenario. But I’m getting pushed to my limits trying to go about everything the right way."

People who live near the site provided online objections on the third application, citing concerns such as privacy, safety and overdevelopment.

Ray Bartram wrote in response to the application: “I live 100 yards from the proposed development, I believe that a block of flats is totally inappropriate for the location.

"Flats, as proposed, would cut off light and surrounding views from the adjacent residential homes. I would have no objection to a single residential dwelling."

Jan Cooper wrote: “I think only a small bungalow is appropriate.”

Mark Avery wrote: “Don’t want further flats that you can look into each others properties.”

Mrs L Watkins wrote: “It is not a build that we are opposing, but more concern for parking. We are on the understanding that new builds have to offer TWO parking spaces per household therefore the parking being provided for the flats is by far not enough.”

Jan Cooper wrote: “I live in Temple Road which is a no through road to traffic so people walk up to the main road but when they get to Hillcrest Road, which has car access and no pavement, it becomes dangerous and therefore I don't think further development on that corner would be advisable.”

However, Mr McCoy believes the site is currently an eye sore.

"Every time I visit I see beer cans and stuff," he said.