A social media debate was inspired yesterday after a parent took umbrage to her son’s school telling students they would not be allowed to buy lunch without wearing their blazers.

The school – Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley - told News Shopper the rule was to “encourage students to wear their blazers”.

However, the parent thought denying food was an “abuse of authority”.

Opinion was divided as comments spilled in to News Shopper from social media.

One balanced commenter Aniela Cutler articulated: “If the child has not got the blazer on them because it has been lost and the parent can't afford to immediately replace it or forgotten at home for the day then no. However if a child is just being stubborn and refusing to not to wear a blazer I don't see the issue. However they could think of more suitable ways of punishment.”

Most other comments leaned decisively to a side.

Here are the top five for and against arguments to the school preventing students buying lunch unless they were wearing a blazer.


Tee Jay El: “People need to realise that they are ruining their children with this attitude. Children need to be taught to obey rules; they are important and following them leads to good personal and social skills. Parents encouraging their children not to follow rules has resulted in this over-privileged, ‘not my fault’ society. Quite simply, if your darling little child follows the rules then the entire array of services is open to them. Encourage them to behave and you and they will likely be pleasantly surprised at all the opportunities that are open to them."

Nicole Rogers: “Rules on uniform at that school are very clear, either follow them or switch schools. My son goes there he missed lunch for not having correct uniform one day, and guess what? He learnt his lesson, full uniform always worn now.”

Real Wrong’un: “Possibly just put your jacket on? You went to school in it!!! What a load of fuss over nothing. Anything that teaches kids a bit of discipline these days is welcome.”

Lemon24: “Well maybe these kids that don’t even manage to get breakfast should get out of their pits earlier and get some breakfast. Then get dressed in the correct uniform including a blazer and get to school.”

Gavinbond50: “Obey the Rules or don't come to school! Everything is gone to the dogs today. Things were different in our days. You do as you are told. You obey the rules of the school, parents and children.”


Daniella Stewart: “I thought punishment was to take away privileges? Since when was having lunch a privilege here? I thought it was a basic human right? Stupid punishment and very wrong”

Wayne Dean: “I’m not saying there shouldn’t be some form of punishment for breaking rules, but denying food is wrong. This will have affect on concentration and work, and maybe the family can’t afford expensive blazers or it’s been stolen. Maybe lunch time detention or something or old fashioned lines. Denying food is abuse.”

Sarah Garland: “No child should be denied a meal. Maybe break time detention or after school detention would be a better deterrent for not following rules?”

Jo Ruffley: “Denying food is inhumane and unproductive. A child without food will be unable to concentrate on his schoolwork, making the job of their teachers more difficult. Detention should be used if the uniform rule is being broken. A rule with no thought behind it.”

Robert Fias: “They need to turn the heating down at the school if it's warm enough for them to take their blazers off.”

Who do you think made the most compelling points?