Secret tunnels were found by staff at Street Feast under the Woolwich indoor market as they prepared to move in.

Plans to turn the Plumstead Road Covered Market temporarily into an indoor food market were approved by Greenwich Council earlier this week on February 6.

The derelict site would have otherwise remained empty as redevelopment plans for the Spray Street Quarter rumbled into motion.

Staff at Street Feast were scoping the location out before plans were approved, clearing it out and in doing so found some interesting sites.

Jonathan Downey, owner of Street Feast, said: "We took a risk and paid £50,000 to clear out the space beforehand.

"We’ve found two secret tunnels under the concrete floor of the former Public Market, that don’t seem to go anywhere. No idea what they’re for or what we could do with them.

While fielding suggestions on Twitter, people figured the tunnels were either air raid shelters or tunnels running from the old Royal Arsenal.

Mr Downey said: "People have been sending their ideas. We could open a gin and tonic tunnel was one idea. An axe throwing area or a bowling lane were other ideas."

"I don’t know you can’t really get to them as they are down a manhole and it’s a tight fit. The plan is not to do anything with them right now."

For now though, the staff at Street Feast have to get to work transforming the empty site into the future food market for the opening on March 1 - "if everything goes according to plan" added Mr Downey.