A parent is outraged after her son's school told students they would not be allowed to buy lunch in the canteen unless they were wearing blazers.

Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley confirmed to News Shopper the rule was to "encourage students to wear their blazers".

One parent believes the condition is too severe.

The mum told News Shopper: "By all means punish a child with detention. But to deny them food when some haven't even had time for breakfast is abuse of authority and also of the child.

"Bishop Justus is a Christian school with Christian values, yet denies a child to eat as a form of punishment.

"If the child is diabetic and needs to eat this could cause many problems with health.

"For this to be allowed in a day and age where people are struggling to afford food, parents are hoping their child is eating at school.

"My child shares their lunch with children that have been denied food. Some have left crying. This effects children's energy moods and also their studying."

The Christian comprehensive school in Magpie Hall Lane provides education to 11-19-year-olds.

It told News Shopper that if students wore their blazers they would be permitted to buy lunch.