McDonald's has launched two new burgers to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac.

The fast-food chain has come up with the Grand Big Mac with bigger patties, bigger buns and lots of cheese.

The Grand Big Mac is described as a "double cheesy, extra beefy" Big Mac with two larger 100 per cent pure beef patties sandwiched between a sesame seed bun and dressed with two times the special sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles and two slices of American cheese.

There is also the new Mac Jr for those who prefer less of a mouthful.

It has the same toppings but is smaller and with one less patty.

The new burgers are available from today (February 7) alongside the birthday burger, the original Big Mac.

But they won’t last long as these limited editions will only be around until March 20.

The Big Mac was first created in February 1968 by an American named Jim Delligatti in Pennsylvania.

He originally wanted to call the burger 'The Aristocrat', but McDonald's chose to go with the now famous name, Big Mac.

The first Big Mac was introduced to the USA in 1969 and is now sold in over 100 countries.

Following its success in the States, the burger arrived here in 1974 when the first UK restaurant opened in Woolwich.