We asked you for the worst potholes in all of south London and we may have found a winner.

This New Cross pothole has already been filled, albeit not with tarmac or anything you would consider proper pothole-filling material.

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Catherine Jones spotted this monster pothole in the middle of the road in Sandford Street outside the Deptford Green Secondary School.

News Shopper: Catherine Jones caught this picture of a bin embedded in the middle of the road in Sanford Street, New Cross

The bin gives the viewer an excellent idea of scale and provides a handy place to throw your rubbish away if you are halfway across the road and simply cannot wait any longer to throw away your Cornetto wrapper.

She said: “Been there a while couldn’t say how long exactly. I didn’t place the bin there for scale was lucky it was there.”

UPDATE: It appears work has started on covering the pothole up, although for now it has just been cordoned off and the bin is still firmly embedded inside.

News Shopper:

According to figures from the Department for Transport, six per cent of Lewisham's 24 miles of council-run A roads were judged to be likely in need of maintenance.

Five per cent of the B and C roads were likely to be in need of repair, and 60 per cent of unclassified roads, some of the highest figures in England.

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