Safety measures are being proposed on a busy Beckenham road described as "dangerous" and "frightening".

Campaigners have been demanding action to improve Village Way, which runs close to Harris Academy Beckenham and is crossed by children on their way to school.

A motorcyclist was killed on the road last year.

Bromley Council has now proposed a refuge island, despite reiterating the road is not "statistically dangerous".

The council announced this possible new pedestrian facility after a review of pupils travelling to and from school.

This comes after News Shopper reported on January 25 a video showing girls dangerously crossing Village Way to get to school.

A petition - started in November calling for a pedestrian crossing to be introduced - has been signed by more than 2,800 people.

The council is proposing the refuge island be placed near the junction of Whitmore Road.

Yellow line restrictions could also be extended following the upcoming consultation.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher said: "Statistically in terms of accidents, injuries and speeding, Village Way does not stand out as being a 'dangerous' road.

"We have again considered a zebra crossing but again, the volume of pedestrian footfall was not high enough to make it a safe proposition.

"Nevertheless, a pedestrian refuge would aid pedestrians looking to cross the road, including school pupils, parents and other pedestrians and could help reduce traffic speeds in the area where most children cross. We will be consulting local people about this."

Adam Bambrough, who launched the petition for Bromley Liberal Democrats, said the council's announcement was a "positive step forward".

He told News Shopper: "They have acknowledged something needs to be done and that is the first battle accomplished. The second battle is to get a crossing that works for everybody - drivers, parents and children.

"I don't think a refuge alone is enough."

Mr Bambrough encouraged all parents to get involved with the consultation.

"The community has made them change their mind. I spoke to parents yesterday and there is still concern. Without residents and parents coming together on this it would have been ignored."

He added he will be putting questions to Bromley Council on whether a refuge island is the ideal solution.

Mr Bambrough said: "How wide will the central refuge be? Could you fit a group of children or a family with a buggy? This could be dangerous in itself if you are stranded on the island.

"I don't think this is the solution but it could be part of it if it includes a crossing guard and measures to decrease speeding on Village Way."

In response to the call for a crossing guard, Cllr Huntington-Thresher said: "If a school wanted to request a school crossing patrol, then they could, we would help them provide one.

"We have been in contact with Harris Academy about their school travel plan and a lollipop proposal has not been raised as part of these discussions."