A “disastrous” new trial crowd management system at Brockley Station has left queues with hundreds of people outside the station.

Introduced yesterday (February 5), the scheme means people can only enter the station via one of the entrances, with the exit being through the ticket hall.

It has left queues snaking down the street at rush hours both mornings and has left commuters frustrated at a system many felt did not need fixing.

Stuart Binns-Frame wrote: “Station been there for years with no problems. Now some moron thinks that they are clever and hey presto.”

Lucy Rowland wrote: “It was a nightmare trying to get in for my southbound train. This is ridiculous, just causing a bottleneck of people not going anywhere.”

The issues are exacerbated by the fact many people feel the system is the wrong way around, and that the entrance should be at the ticket hall as those who buy tickets are the ones arriving at the station rather than leaving it.

Others have voiced safety fears due to the overcrowding, rush to get on the train before it leaves, and struggle for less able passengers.

Lee Greenwood wrote: “Clearly innovative approaches can’t please everyone but I urge you to send a member of your trusted team to Brockley to see this disastrous desk-based exercise first-hand and take the findings back to the drawing board.”

Kim Ward wrote: “Day 2 of the Crystal maze how to get into Brockley station debacle. Seriously people pushing and shoving to get to the other platform to catch their train.

“Overheard a young man talking to an Overground staff member he says this is ridiculous they are not improving anything just trying to slow people down.”

TfL has been contacted for comment.