A pub in Bexleyheath, which has served drinks since 1843, is undergoing a refurbishment.

The King's Arms in Bexleyheath town centre is under new ownership and will re-open in April this year.

Peter Marshall, owner of The Renaissance Pub Company, says he wants to protect the traditions of the British pub while ensuring the modern customer's needs are met.

He said: "We’re aiming to build upon over 175 years of history with a fresh feel. We’re painstakingly recreating a traditional pub setting yet we’ve updated what we offer to match our customer’s needs.

"We’ll be delighted to launch our new menu, filled with traditional pub food, but we’ll also be on hand to offer busy families a chance to relax over a coffee during an afternoon’s shopping.

"We appreciate working hours are longer than ever, so we’re working hard on our lunchtime menu to help people power through an afternoon at their desk – and our WiFi means that they can always stay connected."

Peter believes the King's Arms will "be the heartbeat of the town all day every day".

The pub will open from 11am until 11pm on weekdays and 11am until 11.30pm on weekends.