The owner of Street Feast has threatened to pull out of plans to bring the indoor market to Woolwich as they may not be allowed to operate past 10pm.

Street Feast applied to transform the Plumstead Road Covered Market from a derelict site into a place to eat and drink.

The site would be empty for up to two years as plans to redevelop the Spray Street Quarter rumble into motion, so the idea would be to host a market with bars, events and music there in the meantime.

However ahead of the licensing sub-committee meeting at Greenwich Council later today (February 6) to decide whether to grant the license, local police and Greenwich environmental health officers have objected to the application over late night noise fears.

Street Feast owner Jonathan Downey took to Twitter to express his frustration and threatened to pull the plug on the entire operation if the restricted hours were imposed.

He wrote: “It’s our licence hearing for this new market tomorrow and, despite overwhelming local support, I’m pissed off.

“If we don’t get approval for the hours we need to make this a viable project, then Street Feast will not be coming to Woolwich.

“We’re tired of the constant battle to contribute positively to the community and amenity of each new neighbourhood. Have your empty building back.”

In their letter of objection, Giles Balestrini, Greenwich licensing officer for Met Police, said they objected to the opening hours listed due to noise.

He wrote: “Police believe that the noise from an external seating area which is open Monday to Sunday until 11pm is extremely likely to affect the residents that are living directly opposite.

“Police are aware that between the premises and the residential flats is a duel carriage way but they do not believe that the traffic flow after 9pm will cause enough ambient noise to cover any loud voices from the outside area.

“Police are also aware that in the past there have been complaints from residents regarding noise late at night from loud people who were congregating outside an off-license and the bus stops which are close to this premises.”

Police suggests limiting the opening hours until 9pm Sunday to Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday.

Councillor Danny Thorpe, deputy leader of Greenwich Council, has come out strongly in support of the application.

He said: “The opening of a Street Feast market in Woolwich would be a fantastic addition to the town centre and provide many opportunities for residents and enhance the night time economy in Woolwich.

“The venues I have visited have been extremely well run, with a fantastic atmosphere and an opportunity for a great night out in unusual locations.

“I do not believe that the use of space outside the public market would cause a noise issue and would encourage the committee to grant the hours requested by the operator, as any issues that do materialise could be addressed with a review at a later stage.”