Ambitious long term plans to bring 31,500 new homes to Bexley have been published by the council.

The Bexley Growth Strategy outlines the vision for the new homes alongside 17,500 new jobs, all to be accomplished by 2050.

The 158-page document - published last week - goes into deep detail on everything from managing population density, land use, spatial planning, and various employment opportunities Bexley could see in the future.

The document will from here on be what the council and planners refer to in the future when considering future development proposals in the borough.

Belvedere, Erith, Thamesmead, Slade Green and Crayford are particularly highlighted as areas for huge development potential.

Key infrastructure projects that the growth strategy claim will act as a catalyst for more housing include the completion of the DLR extension through Thamesmead to Belvedere, the extension of the Elizabeth Line east of Abbey Wood towards Ebbsfleet, and the completion of river crossings at Belvedere and Thamesmead.

A lack of transport links is what in the past has prevented Bexley from growing further, according to the growth strategy.

The document refers to a “golden thread” running through the whole proposal is that sustainable development should always be favoured in future planning for Bexley.

Teresa O’Niell, leader of Bexley Council, said: “For centuries, Bexley riverside has been a place of enterprise and endeavour, from iron working and ship fitting to silk printing, quarrying and heavy engineering.

“Today Bexley remains a popular place to put down roots and for businesses to start and grow.

“London is facing unprecedented growth and Bexley needs to play its part in helping the capital continue to thrive.

“But we can only do that if we plan carefully and ensure we attract the right kind of quality investment supported by the funding of key infrastructure by central government, the Mayor of London and other public bodies.

“New housing developments are sweeping away old, tired housing estates and replacing them with good quality, modern homes.”