Bexley Council has bid to the Department of Digital, Culture Media & Sport to secure ultrafast broadband connectivity between a network of public buildings.

The £7 million private fibre network is hoped will attract investment in Bexley. Another £1 million pound voucher scheme will lead to businesses having access to ultra-fast broadband services, according to the council.

Around 300 buildings including libraries, council offices, CCTV sites and GP surgeries will be linked by the private network if the bid - made jointly with the Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group - is successful.

Deputy leader of the council Don Massey said: "The bid is part of our ambitious plans to provide Bexley with the very latest Gigabit digital infrastructure.

"Not only that, it will save money and improve the delivery of public services for years to come."

The council say the new digital infrastructure plan will lead to Bexley residents gaining access to super and ultra-fast broadband.

Councillor Linda Bailey added: "This bid is part of our ambitious plans to improve the borough’s broadband connectivity. We’ve planned the project carefully to support our plans for growth and support local businesses."

Bexley Council has bid for £5 million in government grant; three million pound in public funding would also be required.

If the bid is successful work would begin during 2018/2019.