A 20-year-old Lewisham man has been jailed for six years after driving a moped directly at a police officer in Bromley.

Asher Mitchell-Butler, 20, of Perystreete, Forest Hill, was sentenced to six years in jail at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday (February 1).

Two men on a moped approached plain clothed police officers before making a run for it in June last year. The officers believed the runners were going to try and rob them before realising who they were.

One suspect was chased into an alleyway on Seymour Villas. He produced a sawn-off-shotgun and threatened to shoot the officer as he pointed the gun at him before running away.

An officer chased the other suspect, Mitchell-Butler, along Anerley Road where he jumped on the moped before riding it "directly at the officer".

He fell off the moped after the police officer used his baton, and ran away towards Elmers End. A loaded shotgun and a machete were found in a police search.

Mitchell-Butler was soon identified and a shotgun cartridge which match the gun was found when police searched his home.

He was found guilty of possessing a firearm with the intent of causing fear or violence.

The case against another suspect, a man from Lewisham, was dismissed.

Detective Constable Andy Brackley said: "Although it was not Mitchell-Butler who threatened a police officer with a firearm that night, It was clear to the jury that Mitchell-Butler was in joint possession of this firearm along with an accomplice although his exact intention is unknown.

"It is fortunate that the officer was not injured; his bravery and that of his colleague cannot go without recognition

"Mitchell-Butler is about to start a lengthy prison sentence which reflects the seriousness of his crimes.

"We remain committed to bringing the second suspect before the court and enquiries continue."

Detective Superintendent Paul Warnett added: "This case once again highlights the dangers that police officers can face on a daily basis. These two officers were carrying out a routine crime prevention operation to address the concerns of local residents. However, it quickly escalated and an officer was faced with a shotgun pointed directly at him.

“By working alongside colleagues from Trident, a dangerous man is beginning a prison sentence and another firearm is off the streets.”