A self-employed Bexleyheath builder has warned people to clear ice off their windscreen after his leg was crunched in a car accident.

Ian Allen was loading work materials into his van when another car smashed into his leg.

He said: "I was just loading up my van for work when all of a sudden this car came out of nowhere and ploughed into me.

“I remember being on the ground in absolute agony. I had to undergo two surgeries on my broken leg and was initially in hospital for 16 days. Since then I have needed several more procedures due to infection."

He was taken to King’s College Hospital where he underwent urgent surgery to fix an open fracture to his right tibia and fibula as well as clean his wound.

The dad-of-four said the cause of the accident, which happened in November 2016, was the ice covered windscreen of the car that hit him.

He said: "I just hope that people now realise the danger they can pose by driving with ice on their windscreen and the terrible consequences it can have for other road users.

"I would urge motorists to make sure they don’t set off until their view is clear – they would not drive without their lights on if it was dark.

“Is setting off a minute or two before your windscreen is clear really worth the potential years of hurt and pain you can cause others by being responsible for a crash?”

Ever since the early morning crash, Ian said he has found it impossible to go to work.

He said: "The last year since the collision has been a real struggle for me and life has changed from a very busy and active one to one of constant hospital appointments.

“The crash has had a huge impact not just on me, but my partner Laura and our four children, Demi, Georgie, Boycie and Dolcie.

"We have had to put everything on hold and I am still off work, which for someone who is self-employed has a huge impact."