If you're tracked down through CCTV, chances are it's not for a good reason.

However for Richard Green, of Hollytree Avenue in Swanley, was spotted on more than one occasion being a good Samaritan for his neighbours.

West Kent’s community safety officer Mandie Stallard said: "I spotted Richard a few times clearing up other people’s rubbish in the bin store, putting bags in the bins and sweeping up.

“He made a real difference to the neighbourhood and was clearly taking a pride in his local area on a purely voluntary basis, so I went to see him and took him a thank you card. Richard is a great example of someone who has taken our ‘Love where you live’ message to heart.”

Mr Green had been clearing up the bins on behalf of his neighbours, all because he wanted the place to look clean and tidy.

The man himself said: "As people turn into Hollytree Avenue it’s the first thing they see, and if it’s been left in a state it’s really not a pleasant sight.

"I like to see the place looking tidy and it doesn’t take much just to clear up anything that has spilled and give it a quick sweep.

“If the bin store is left in a mess, foxes, cats and the wind quickly make it worse, so I was just trying to do my bit. I didn’t expect to get noticed and it was a pleasant surprise when West Kent said thank you.”