A warning has been issued over a phone scam reported in Greenwich.

A fraudster pretending to be from BT has been making calls trying to steal financial information.

The scammer tells the victim their computer needs repairing, or that there is an internet issue, according to Trading Standards.

The victim is then asked to confirm their identity before being told to go to their computer and go on a webpage where a bogus 'engineer' will help fix the issue.

A spokesman for Greenwich Trading Standards said: "This is when they will attempt to steal your financial information. In many cases, thousands of pounds is taken from the victim's account."

If you're not sure whether a call is real, Trading Standards advises you to hang up and call the number back, as scammers often don't take incoming calls.

Trading Standards said: "Never give any private information away over the phone or by email.

"If you're concerned you've been scammed, get in touch with your bank to inform them immediately."