A man who sexually assaulted two lone 19-year-old women after jumping off mopeds in south east London has been jailed.

Shahan Ali, 23, was jailed for seven and a half years at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday (January 26), having previously admitted two counts of sexual assault. He was also given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Ali jumped off a moped that was being ridden along the pavement to attack a 19-year-old woman walking to work in Lewisham in November.

Having stalked her as she crossed the road a number of times to get away, Ali jumped off the bike and pushed the woman against the wall and sexually assaulted her as he tried to steal her handbag. She managed to get free and ran away, but he sexually assaulted her again.

Ali, of Shurland Gardens, Willowbrook Estate, Peckham, then jumped onto the moped and the rider drove off.

Days later, at 1.45am, he attacked another 19-year-old woman in Southwark.

The victim was walking home when a moped rode up behind her and Ali - again the passenger - jumped off, pushed her against a wall and sexually assaulted her while making threats towards her.

Ali walked away momentarily as two cars passed, allowing the victim to escape - but Ali got back on the moped and chased her down, attacking her again.

Ali returned to the moped and the woman hurried to a doorway but before she could ring the doorbell, Ali approached her for a third time, making sexual demands and threats towards her.

Ali subjected the victim to a another sexual assault for over ten minutes. He then wiped the woman with an item, in an apparent attempt to remove DNA evidence.

The attacker got back on the moped and the rider, who remained on the moped for the entirety of both assaults, drove off.

Ali was arrested and charged by detectives from the Met's Venice Investigation Team - and anti-moped crime unit - later in November.

The second suspect, the driver of the moped, remains unknown. Police said he wore a black helmet, balaclava, and black clothing. He drove a black and silver coloured moped.

Detective Constable Henry Vernon, who led the investigation said: "Shahan Ali and his accomplice targeted lone females and subjected them to protracted sexual assaults. Both men present a potential risk to the public, and although Ali is now imprisoned, I implore anyone with information regarding the driver of the moped to come forward."