Bogus charity doorstep callers claiming to be from the RSPCA have been targeting homes in Dartford and Gravesend.

Kent Police has received reports of people knocking on doors claiming to be from the charity, wearing RSPCA tabards and asking people to join their lottery.

The doorstep callers have also been asking people if they have games consoles and animals.

Police received reports on Tuesday January 24 that people were knocking on doors in Sun Road in Swanscombe, Scott Road in Gravesend and Hawkins Avenue in Gravesend.

Police Sergeant Carli Deacon of Dartford and Gravesham’s community safety unit said: "If someone knocks on your door claiming to be from a company or a charity and you are dubious then please call the organisation to check. If this is a genuine person they will not mind.

"Always use your own phone to check if the person is genuinely from the organisation and also remember to check any I.D, but be cautious that these can sometimes be fake.

"If you are still unsure, ask them to come back at another time when friends or family are around to offer support, and close the door."

The fraudsters knocked on doors between 5.50pm and 7pm.

In one incident in Sun Road, the doorstep caller asked the homeowner if she had a dog and then asked her young daughter if she had a games console.

The person also appeared reluctant to show the homeowner their I.D card.

In Scott Road, four men were seen in the area claiming to be from the charity and in Hawkins Avenue a resident opened the door to one man who was wearing a tabard and another man who was just in a tracksuit and a hooded top.

Anyone with information or concerns can call Kent Police on 01474 366149 quoting reference 24-0996.

Alternatively contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.