If you’re going out this weekend, you probably won’t look any different to how you did at the office this week…

Workers who wear a suit to the office 'stick out like a sore thumb' as increasing numbers dress casually, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that just one in 10 wear a suit to work, with three out of four 'dressing down' every day.

Hotel chain Travelodge said its study also showed that only half of workplaces have a dress code policy, and many of these covered casual dress.

One in four of those questioned said wearing casual clothes took the pressure away from 'having to look good', while most believed it made colleagues behave more friendlier to each other.

A tie topped a list of items men would not wear to work, followed by a waistcoat or high-waisted trousers.

For women, a skirt suit and shoulder pads were singled out.

Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge said: “Our hotel teams have reported a decline in the number of business customers checking in kitted out in a traditional three-piece business suit.

“Also we have seen a rapid decline in the number of ties, cufflinks, tie pins and suits being left behind our hotels.

“There was a time when we could have tied all the ties left behind our hotels to cover the length of the UK. Today’s modern business travellers have adopted a more smart, comfortable, casual look and are travelling with less items of clothing with them.”