A Bexley councillor has spoken about an "absolutely disgusting" racial incident on a Southeastern train yesterday evening.

Danny Hackett was travelling on the 6.17pm train from Charing Cross to Bexleyheath (January 25) when a man got on at London Bridge speaking loudly on his phone.

Mr Hackett told News Shopper: "I witnessed an appalling scene of hatred and bigotry. A man was speaking loudly on his phone and used several racist slurs to a person's skin colour and nationality.

"This kind of intolerance and ignorance has no place in British society and I was happy to co-operate with the British Transport Police in order to attempt to bring the man to justice."

Mr Hackett said the man looked like he was in his mid to late 20s.

He provided examples of some of the language the man used.

These included:

- "They have no respect for my country."

- "They all need to go home."

- "They are all from rice fields. They are disgusting."

- "There is this immigrant c**t at work."

- "He was eating this foreign food at work and it stunk. He offered me some and I told him to f**k off."

- "He touched me and I had to wash my hands. They are all dirty."

The Bexley councillor added: "I hope someone managed to get a video. My sister is 14 and I was thinking if she was on the train how intimidated would she have felt.

"You could hear the whole conversation. It was absolutely disgusting."

Mr Hackett said the British Transport Police confirmed they were looking at CCTV footage and were taking the incident seriously.

A BTP spokesman said: "We were informed of a man being racially abusive on a train at 6.54pm. 

"The investigation is underway and we are asking anyone with information to text 6116 quoting the reference 512."