The mum of a little boy from Dartford is appealing for help so he can have a life-changing operation to allow him to walk.

Charlie Tilley, nine, needs £24,000 for pioneering surgery to give him a chance of walking unaided.

He was diagnosed with quadraplegia (cerebral palsy) at just 16 months old.

His mum, Fiona Louise Tilley of The Brent, told News Shopper: "People might think this is about changing Charlie. It isn't. It is about giving him a better quality of life.

"One of his goals is to learn how to ride a bike. Charlie wants to play football with his friends and do simple things like getting around the house."

The surgery Charlie is campaigning for is selective dorsal rhizotomy, which treats muscle spasticity. It cuts nerve endings from the back and takes away spasticity in the legs.

If the £24,000 can be raised, Charlie can receive the treatment in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Fiona said that Charlie has a high understanding of his condition and the potential operation.

She explained: "He knows this operation will give him the ability to do things he couldn't do before. That excites him and scares him at the same time.

"This would give him more independence and confidence. He is so determined. He knows nothing is impossible in life. If he works hard he will succeed in whatever he does.

"That is really important to me and Charlie. It is what keeps us both going and we will get there in the end."

To help Charlie walk you can donate to his JustGiving page here.