The shocking numbers of children living in child poverty across south east London and north Kent have been revealed.

In some boroughs across south London, a third of children are classed as living in poverty, according to statistics released as part of the End Child Poverty coalition’s Child Poverty Map of the UK.

The figures show that in Greenwich, there were 20,985 children classed as living in poverty – a staggering 33.47 per cent – and it Lewisham the figure was even higher at 23,435 or 34.6 per cent.

In Croydon the number was 28,621, or 31.52 per cent.

Across south east London, Bromley had the lowest figure with 28,330 children classed as living in poverty – still just over 20 per cent. The north Kent boroughs of Dartford (4,897/20.88 per cent) and Sevenoaks (4,694/18.70 per cent) were lower.

The End Child Poverty Coalition said a child is living in poverty if they are in a family living on less than 60 per cent of the median household income, which is around £248 per week after housing costs.

For a couple with two children under 14, it is around £347 per week.

The End Child Poverty Coalition said that nationally, the figures also show that some of the most deprived areas of the UK have seen the biggest increases in child poverty since the coalition's last local child poverty figures, for December 2015.

It said increases of 10 percentage points in some areas demonstrate the growing crisis of child poverty in the UK.

The National Children’s Bureau’s chief executive Anna Feuchtwang said: “Poverty can hold children back in many different ways. It can mean children don’t reach a good level of health or development, do well in school or reach their potential in employment.

“The Government has pledged action through its social mobility policy, but the scale of child poverty that this new data reveals, means we urgently need a wider commitment from across Government to improve the living standards of children, young people and families. In particular, we need action to address the devastating impact of benefit cuts on families, including those with disabled children, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.”

Here’s how south east London and north Kent’s borough’s fared:

Bexley 13,437 (24.34 per cent)

Bromley 28,330 (20.44 per cent)

Croydon 28,621 (31.52 per cent)

Dartford 4.897 (20.88 per cent)

Greenwich 20,985 (33.47 per cent)

Lewisham 23,435 (34.60 per cent)

Sevenoaks 4,694 (18.70 per cent)