Building waste dumped in Crofton Park has left a hut used by community groups out of action and blocked access to woodland.

The hut, at the end of Courtrai Road next to the railway line, is now left hidden behind mounds of rubbish dumped by fly-tippers.

People have reported seeing a stream of builders’ vans dumping debris on the land which is blocking any access to the hut or the woodland behind.

The hut was built in 1912 and used by scouts until 2000. Since then it's mostly been used by religious groups for meetings.

A community group, The Fourth Reserve, came together over concern over the degradation of the land and is campaigning to have it turned into a local nature reserve.

A spokeswoman from the group said: “This woodland is home to a variety of protected species including bats and hedgehogs and many mature trees. It is the oldest section along the green corridor, with winding paths through a dense cover of mature woodland.

“Once the mature trees and habitats of our protected species have been destroyed in these Crofton Park woods there will be no turning back. Please help us raise awareness of this alarming situation - before it’s too late.

“If the cutting returned to being a local nature reserve, the ideal scenario would be for the neighbourhood's scouts to access the space again along with schoolchildren and other groups who would benefit.”

Lewisham Council has been contacted for comment.