Have you ever wondered whether you have the ability to be a police officer?

Now is the time to find out because the Metropolitan police are looking for new Special Constables to join its volunteer force.

Coordinator for the Special Constables at Lewisham Police Station, PC Lucy Burrows, said: "This is an amazing role, both challenging and exciting, giving the public the opportunity to move out of their comfort zone, meet a wide range of new people to build their skills, enhance their CV and in some cases move on to becoming regular police officers."

Special Constables will work in full uniform alongside regular officers dealing with response calls, which can be anything from a burglary, domestic assault to missing people and anti- social behaviour.

Here are some of the qualities expected for the role:

  • Motivation to make a positive impact on the Lewisham community
  • Reasonably fit (must be able to score a 5.4 on a beep test)
  • Good eyesight
  • Have no offensive tattoos or visible tattoos on the neck or face
  • Aged between 19 and 59 and having lived in the UK for over three years
  • Have a clean criminal record

The role requires at least 16 hours per month totalling 200 hours per year.

Accepted applicants will have the choice of a four week intensive training course or a 10 weekend course.

Once the Foundation Training is complete you will attend an Attestation Ceremony in uniform and you will receive your warrant card in front of family and friends.

PC Lucy Burrows will be in Lewisham Shopping Centre on Saturday (January 27) from 10am until 4pm with Special Constable colleagues to answer questions about recruitment.