More plans for the transformation of Beckenham Place Park have been published by Lewisham Council.

A planning application was accepted last year (October 20) to regenerate the park which sits at the border of Bromley and Lewisham.

An updated Lewisham Council proposal has now been made public.

Council letters were sent to residents who live near the park last week inviting them to comment on the application.

Both proposals state the desire to rebuild a stable block to include a café and to construct more storage buildings.

The new application shows an education service will also be available in the rebuilt stable block.

Part of the site is also planned to be evacuated to install a lake and wetland area.

Lewisham Council said its ambition is to make the 95 hectare site more attractive to people.

A statement on its website reads: “The park remains little known among the wider community and is under-used.

“Its historic buildings are in need of significant renovation and the park as a whole requires major investment.”

Two years ago (December 2016) the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded the council £4.9 million to redevelop the park.

In its ‘master plan’ it stated the desire to use the proposed lake to provide swimming and other leisure uses.

A mounted garden for the park is included in the new proposal.

The latest application states: “This garden will constitute a destination for visitors and add to the experience of the park whilst preserving the heritage value of the site.

“The location has been carefully studied to deliver both a significant feature for the park and to preserve and respect the heritage value of the setting.”

The mounted garden will be located 300 metres from Southend Lodge, 400 metres from the Homestead and 500 metres from the Mansion.

Timber benches will be implemented at the top of the mound for visitors to have 360 degree views of Beckenham Place Park and the lake.

Lewisham Council has already confirmed the closure of the golf course in Beckenham Place Park because it took up a third of the area.

They said this was to “restore its natural heritage features, enhance facilities and activities so that it attracts a wider range of visitors”.