Asda has apologised to a couple who were falsely accused of shoplifting.

The company said it was ‘disappointed we've let you down in this way’ and that front of store staff will be ‘rebriefed on the correct procedures’.

Daisy Costigan and Elliott Smith, both 23, were stopped by store staff in the supermarket in Bexleyheath Broadway around lunchtime on Saturday, January 6.

As the couple went to make their way out the store, a pair of security guards confronted them on suspicion of shoplifting.

The couple claimed staff left them feeling ‘humiliated’ and told them they were banned from the store, while Miss Costigan said Mr Smith undid his trousers on the shop floor to prove he had not concealed anything.

Miss Costigan and Mr Smith, who live in Ethronvi Road, requested CCTV evidence of the allegation and went to a back room to view it, where they were exonerated.

In a strongly worded statement to News Shopper, Asda vehemently denied the series of events put forward by Miss Costigan and Mr Smith, accusing this newspaper of ‘continu[ing] to report incorrect information on this matter, despite numerous attempts to clarify the facts’.

A spokesman said: "Our security colleagues had cause for concern over Mr Smith’s behaviour and took the correct steps to address these concerns.

"Mr Smith’s conversation with our colleagues was captured on CCTV and at no point was he asked to remove any item of clothing.

"The issue was resolved professionally and privately in the store’s security office and we remain in contact with Ms Costigan to address any outstanding queries.”

News Shopper requested to see the CCTV footage, but Asda declined.

Now, Asda has written to Miss Costigan to apologise.

An Asda executive relations representative wrote: “Once again I'm sorry you and your partner had an upsetting experience when you visited our Bexley Heath store, this isn't what we want for our customers and I'm disappointed we've let you down in this way.

“Following our conversation I went back to the store with further feedback and I can assure you you and your partner are not banned from the store and are very welcome into the store again, they'll be no repercussions from this.

“The colleagues involved had already been spoken to and we've again looked at how the situation occurred and what actions should have been taken to handle this better.

“Going forward all colleagues at the front of the store have been re briefed on the correct procedures and what steps should be taken to prevent another occurrence like this.”

The company even offered the couple a £25 gift card as a ‘gesture of goodwill’.