How do you prove your cinema seats boast a luxurious amount of legroom? Invite Britain's tallest man down to get comfortable, of course.

A specially invited audience was at the launch of Bluewater's newly refurbished Showcase Cinema de Lux and it included 7ft7ins Paul Sturgess.

The cinema boasts a 64ft wide and 27ft tall wall-to-wall screen and plush recliner seats.

The launch event featured an exclusive advance screening to celebrate the “upsizing” of the cinema, of Downsizing, which isn’t released in the UK until January 24.

The auditoriums each feature advanced laser projection, providing crystal clear, ultra-sharp image quality for a premium level of viewing and Dolby Atmos™, the only object-based cinema sound platform available today.

Mark Barlow, general manager of Showcase Cinemas UK, said: “The event last night was a fitting way to celebrate the expansion of our flagship Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater, with the UK’s tallest man, Paul Sturgess, showing off the size and scale of the XPlus auditorium.

“We continue to offer our guests an unparalleled cinema experience at Bluewater - with supreme comfort and simply the best audio and visual technology.”