A "humiliated" man's girlfriend said he undid his trousers on the shopfloor of a supermarket to prove he and his girlfriend were innocent after they were accused of shoplifting.

Daisy Costigan and boyfriend Elliott Smith, both 23, stopped in Asda in Bexleyheath Broadway to do some shopping on Saturday lunchtime (January 6).

Miss Costigan couldn't find the foundation she wanted, so the pair planned to buy some magazines and leave.

However, as the couple went to make their way out the store a pair of security guards confronted them and, according to Miss Costigan, humiliated them.

She said: "They were accusing us of stealing make-up and putting it in my boyfriend's pants. They were really shouting at us, and when I say shouting I mean they were making it for everybody to hear.

"It was humiliating, I was so embarrassed because it was so busy. I went to school in Bexleyheath so anybody could have been getting their shopping and heard this ordeal."

After the security guards allegedly accused the couple of hiding make-up in Mr Smith's trousers, Miss Coatigan said he undid his clothing on the shopfloor to prove them wrong.

News Shopper:

Miss Costigan said: "They were yelling at us saying we were banned but we had not done anything. Don't get me wrong, I was getting frustrated as well, but only because they had decided we had done wrong. One of the security guards in particular was adamant we were stealing and were banned."

Miss Costigan claimed she and Mr Smith, who live in Ethronvi Road, Bexleyheath, were marched to a back room where they requested to see video evidence of their 'offence'.

She said that, after watching it back, the security guards admitted they had made a mistake.

She added: "They said 'happy new year' and then let us go. They were laughing as if it was a joke, when I had just been shaking with fear.

"I started to think maybe we had done something wrong.

"It was only after we left I realised how unprofessional it had all been. It was over 25 minutes we were kept there for. It was embarrassing. We shop there three times a week.

"They had time to check and recheck that footage, and make absolutely sure, before accusing us like that - but they didn't."

The couple, who have been together for two years, have lodged a complaint with Asda.

Asda denied that Mr Smith undid his trousers and claim the issue was resolved 'professionally and privately'.

A statement from the company said: “Whilst instances of shoplifting in our stores are rare, we take them seriously and we are disappointed that the News Shopper continues to report incorrect information on this matter, despite numerous attempts to clarify the facts.

"Our security colleagues had cause for concern over Mr Smith’s behaviour and took the correct steps to address these concerns.

"Mr Smith’s conversation with our colleagues was captured on CCTV and at no point was he asked to remove any item of clothing.

"The issue was resolved professionally and privately in the store’s security office and we remain in contact with Ms Costigan to address any outstanding queries.”

News Shopper has requested sight of the CCTV footage but this request has been denied.