At first, I really did not think there was going to be much to this pub.

Not quite in the town centre, The Greenwich Union is hidden away in Royal Hill. There’s stiff competition along here, with the Richard I and the Prince of Greenwich sitting either side.

From the outside, the Union sets itself apart with its neatness. It’s tidy, and simple. It looks modern, and after all, it is Meantime Brewing Company’s first pub.

Moving inside, simplicity is key to this boozer. Not much in the way of décor, and it’s a tad dark, but it does inspire you to just sit and have a drink – without gimmicks.

What some might call boring, I’m going to call refined. There are some coasters on the wall, but that is about it as far as decorations go.

The choice of beer is pretty fine, it’s mainly crafts which isn’t surprising since it’s run by Meantime Brewing. The staff know their stuff, which might be helpful to a novice drinker. I didn’t feel the need to ask myself, mind.

It’s not especially cheap in the Union, but you are paying for quality – and there’s no shortage of choice.

Tables run along walls out the back of the Union, there is none of the mix and match furniture and scattered chairs you’d expect from a more traditional boozer. Not that stops people from enjoying themselves, the place was packed. I stood at the bar and watched people come and go.

The bar is small, but does what it does best. It sells you a wide range of nice, proper craft ales – and if you don’t know you’re stuff there’s someone on hand to help. Or point you in the direction of the draughts. Either works.

I’m not normally one for a modern gastro pub, but this has made me view them a little differently. In the Meantime, I know somewhere I’d go in Greenwich for a pint.

If I can afford it!

Greenwich Union – Royal Hill

Staff: *****

Drinks: ****

Price: **

Décor: ***

Overall: ****