Winds of 80mph have ripped through the country resulting in disruption for commuters in south east London this morning.

Storm Eleanor forced the Dartford Tunnel to close last night and has caused chaos since it re-opened for rush hour.

Thousands of homes in the country have lost their power.

A Met Office statement warned: "Public transport may be disrupted or cancelled and some bridges are likely to be closed.

"Power cuts and disruption to other services (mobile phones for example) may also occur, while injuries from flying debris are possible. Combined with a period of high tides, it is likely that some western coastal communities will be affected by large waves and spray, and again there is a chance that."

Meteorologist Emma Sharples added: “There is likely to be some disruption possibly to public transport, bridges and other public services such as mobile phones and people need to be aware that there could be debris as well.”