Unicorns, Snapchat, glitter and gin - the list of 2017 trends goes on and on but what were the most annoying?

Members of the website Mumsnet are not known for holding back opinions and in a recent thread called ‘Things I’m sick of in 2017…’ a group of them discussed the most irritating things from last year.

Lots of annoying trends kept reappearing - here they are:

Anything to do with unicorns - These mythical animals might be make-believe but the obsession with them was very real. In 2017 we were fiaxted on absolutely anything that looked like a unicorn, smelt like a unicorn, was covered in unicorn glitter. Asda brought out a pastel-hued unicorn cake, and there is even a sparkly gin called Unicorn Tears.

Snapchat and its filters - Unfortunately, the ‘dog’ filter has been given a reputation by - but not inclusive to - 13-year-old girls who act like liberated 25-year-olds. The filter has become a way of life now, it’s almost shocking to see someone’s un-altered face. The filter is the norm and it needs to stop.

Vaping - The revellers on Mumsnet believe you should just smoke an actual cigarette. We will let you decide on this one.

Brexit - This isn’t a trend but people feel it’s being spoken about too much.

Ghosting/breadcrumbing - If you don’t know what either of these things are then you are either, over the age of 30 or you yourself are ghosting and breadcrumbing someone on a dating app. Ghosting is when you are talking to a potential suitor and then they just stop talking to you out of nowhere, never to be seen or heard from again. Breadcrumbing is when a potential suitor gives you hope of lifelong happiness only to stop talking to you for a week then pull you back in with a flirtatious message.

Prosecco/gin o’clock - You are independent people who know right from wrong, if you desperately need to announce the hour you’re cracking open the bubbly, no one else really needs or cares to know.

Big eyebrows and contouring - The world of Instagram seems consumed with tutorials and photos of girls contorting and painting their faces to a point at which it will never look natural. There are hundreds of products on the market, no cheap ones either, aimed at ‘improving yourself’. It’s vanity and preys on the vulnerable.

Casual commitment-phobes - Again with the dating apps, there are a lot of people confused with the increase in casual attitudes towards love and dating. It’s “embarrassing” to show you actually like someone, it’s frowned upon, you’re likely to get dumped if you dare to tell someone you like them. Then there’s the attitudes, why should you be held down by just one person? What if there is someone better just around the corner? Of course we don’t agree with this but unfortunately it’s very common on the dating scene at the moment. What a nightmare?!

Rose gold - Once a colour becomes this popular and is painted across every medium, surely it should stop being so appealing. Rose gold is basically the national colour of the millennials.

Have we missed any? What do you think were the most annoying trends of 2017? Let us know.