A dad has demanded for CCTV cameras to be introduced to Church House Gardens park after claiming his son and three friends were robbed there last night.

The four school mates, all 14 year old boys, are regular visitors of the skatepark but have said they won't return there after a scary experience involving "four youths wearing balaclavas".

Dad of one of the boys, Colin Welling, told News Shopper: "Yesterday (December 28) they stayed longer than normal. They don't usually stay after dark.

"They were approached by lads wearing balaclavas. One of my son's mates saw it and ran off at speed. He wasn't chased and he rang the police straight away.

"My son had the presence of mind to stick his phone down the back of his trousers.

"They were pushed against the fence, they took a phone off one boy and said 'you're lucky we weren't shanked tonight'. They took another phone and smashed it on the floor."

Colin said his son had his wallet taken before the youths left the park. His son and his friends then ran to near the Churchill Theatre where they saw a policeman.

He added that police took statements from the four boys at around 5.30pm yesterday.

"The council need to put CCTV there," Colin said. "It is almost secluded, it is amazing that there is no CCTV. There never has been. My oldest son is 30 and he said he was mugged there in the same way years ago.

"My daughter who is 29 also said she knows people who say it happens a lot there.

"This has been shocking for everybody. You can't have anything in this world anymore without someone taking it."

Colin said the boys claimed they were ok after the incident despite being a bit shaken.

The Met Police have been contacted for more information.