It’s that time again – when Santa will be paying a visit to homes with his sack full of gifts.

Expectant kids will wake up in the small hours and dash downstairs to find out what presents have been left for them under the tree.

Within minutes, living rooms will be swamped in discarded wrapping paper as kids get stuck into the latest toys and tech gadgets.

Siobhan Freegard, from, said: "Christmas is often chaotic in the homes of those with children on Christmas morning, as the excited youngsters tear into presents to see what they have.

"But it's all part of the fun and most would say Christmas wouldn't be the same without it."

In this festive image, created by, there is one little tot sitting amid the festive scene of presents, toys, gift bags and decorations.

But can you spot it?

When you think you know, or you’ve got frustrated trying, you can flip the picture over to reveal the correct location.