An ex-Lewisham councillor who was with friend Stephen Lawrence when the teen was killed in a racist Eltham attack has launched his bid to become Lewisham Mayor.

Duwayne Brooks was a Lib Dem representative for Downham ward and previously ran for mayor in 2014 until Lib Dems were wiped out in the next year’s elections.

Mr Brooks was with Stephen in 1993 when the pair were attacked by racist thugs and gave emotional testimony at the killers' long-awaited trial in 2011.

Now standing for Mayor of Lewisham, Mr Brooks, who was awarded an OBE in 2015 for his public and political services, will be standing as an independent.

Among his policies include a guarantee no one on universal credit will be evicted and that no family will live in damp infested homes.

He said he would lead a council that is open and transparent, publishing all documents pertaining to the Millwall CPO and introduce an independent committee to investigate all council complaints.

He also wants to boost the impact of the Young Mayor in Lewisham by increasing their funding and term time, as well as a guaranteed employment placement for young residents.