A single mum and her two kids whose house was devastated by fire have been given nearly £7,000 to rebuild her life by kind hearted fundraisers.

Recently divorced Selina Kimber could only watch on as her home in Limewood Close, Eden Park, was destroyed.

Her belongings and her kids’ toys were all lost in the fire.

Selina got divorced from her husband in May and she said that unknown to her at the time, the house insurance had not been paid.

She said: “My children have been really affected by it.

“My son has taken it very badly. It’s things like losing all their toys, to them it’s a really big deal.

“I got divorced in May so my kids have gone through a lot.

“It’s been a really tough year. I spent three days crying solidly and then I just thought I have to get this sorted now.

“I’ve got two kids and we have to get over it and start putting things into place to make it work.”

But then Selina’s friend Ruth Lyons set up a JustGiving page help the family get back on their feet.

Selina, who is the founder of the Beckenham Market, said:

“It’s had a huge impact on our lives. My dear friend Ruth is such a wonderful human being. She created all this without me knowing. I’m a very proud person, I don’t ask anything from anyone.

“It’s all her work and effort. It’s unbelievable and it makes me really emotional when I read that we’ve got that much support in the community. I feel really touched by it.”

“I work in the community and support charities and I think that’s why I’ve had such wonderful support.

“I’m very grateful for what they’ve done.

“I’d be in such a mess without them.

“To be able to rent somewhere else just wouldn’t have been possible. The building works to the house just to make it safe is running up to thousands.

“It’s money I just wouldn’t have had.”

Selina is hoping to rebuild her family home.

She said: “I’m hoping to build a log cabin in my garden. Even if it takes me a lifetime to rebuild the house, its still my house, I still love it and I hope we can make the building safe and we can stay in a log cabin on site.

“We’ll live there and try and make it work.”