A food store and butchers in Plumstead received a zero food hygiene rating after the inspector noted there was “an odour of rodent urine” in the property.

Everest Food Store in Plumstead High Street was visited by food hygiene inspectors from Greenwich Council on September 7 this year.

The inspectors were not impressed by the hygiene levels at the store, noting that there were “mouse and rat droppings” at the property.

The report, published a day later, said that 'the amount of droppings on site are consistent with a widespread, long term infestation'.

Food hygiene inspectors look at how hygienically food is handled, the condition and cleanliness of the premises and how the management ensures food is safe and that standards are maintained.

Each food outlet is given a rating between zero - meaning urgent improvement necessary - and five - meaning very good.

Everest Food Store received a zero for numerous infractions, including the “rodent infestation”.

The report also noted that “carcasses were stored next to ready to eat foods, i.e. yoghurt and salad vegetables in the refrigerator”.

The inspector also noted that there was “an excessive accumulation of refuse in the property”, even leading to the hand wash basin becoming inaccessible “because of the accumulation of refuse”.

Everest Food Store has been contacted for comment.