Silly, naughty and full of sparkly goodness - fabulous Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is bringing the magic to Bromley this festive season.

The Churchill Theatre's 2017 panto follows Snow White (Naomi Cowe) as she falls in love with the great Prince Benedict of Bromley (Oliver Tompsett) and overcomes the struggles of having such an evil, nasty, queen-for-a-day, stepmother (EastEnders' Jessie Wallace).

Snow White is tricked into eating a devilish apple, but is brought back to life by true love’s kiss - because this is the antidote to life - right?

The show begins with the great, evil Queen promising to send Donald Trump to all the little kiddies houses to steal their presents, which we can all admit is a very scary threat.

This Queen is mean, presents dazzling vocals as she poisons the apple and is childlike when things don’t go her way.

What’s a Pantomime without a Dame and her silly son? Nurse Nancy (Jason Sutton) played the role with as much bumptious campness as you could possibly want and Magician Pete Firman, who played Muddles, created magic on stage that not even I would be able to begin to explain.

The story felt rushed to accommodate the fact it is not a very long show, but I am saying this as a 24- year-old: I am sure the smaller children wouldn’t have noticed. And the popular songs and double entendres made up for it for me.

Jessie Wallace’s vocals were an epic reflection of the dazzling career she has had, with the occasional slip into Kat Slater, talking of Alfie Moon and Dot Cotton.

The set was stunning with what seemed like the whole of south London’s glitter supply thrown at it. What more could you want from a Christmas show?

The Magnificent Seven were hilarious, grown men in fantastically funny costumes. They worked amazingly as a team to banish the evil Queen Lucretia down to the mines singing as she went “Hi ho, hi ho…”

This was a fantastic show full of all the jokes, japes and innuendoes.

If you are looking for a worthwhile Pantomime this year then head down to the Churchill Theatre in Bromley between now and December 31.