It's a single glass that can hold 12 bottles of wine.

And a pub landlord in Keston believes it's the biggest wine glass in the borough of Bromley.

David Lee, of the Greyhound, in Commonside, gave the glass to his wife Toni for her birthday yesterday (December 5).

He said: “Wine did go in it and they did drink out of it. It holds about 12 bottles. We put one bottle in it and it looked like a puddle in the bottom. It is such a big glass!”

Toni and David have now put the glass on display in The Greyhound for the customers to see.

Mr Lee added: “I very much doubt anyone in Bromley has such a big wine glass.

“I bought it about a month ago but I hid it under the pub in the boiler room.

“I saw one in a wine bar and thought it would be a good gift for my wife.

“She got her normal present and we went out for lunch up town and then a few of the customers came to join her for drinks and I produced this rather large box and in it was her wine glass!”

The glass currently stands next to the pub’s Christmas tree and has been filled with baubles.