A woman from Dartford who lost seven stone in one year has spoken out about her journey from depression to beauty pageant contestant.

Kobe Emelonye, 25, now balances beauty contests with being a personal trainer and working with people with mental health issues - but it has been a long journey to this point.

Kobe, from Dartford, told her self she needed to lose weight when she was 19 stone.

Through hard work and eating better, she got herself to weighing 12 stone.

She said: "It was last year on April 4 I decided to change my life. I was 19 stone, I started to to to the gym and eat healthier. Now I am a personal trainer, I could never have imagined that."

Kobe's father passed away when she was nine-years-old.

She said; "Me and my sisters grieved differently. I turned to food, and I was skinny when I was younger but by the tine I was 16 I had become really big.

"I didn't like going out, I started to suffer with anxiety and I wasn't comfortable. I stayed in and comfort eat. I felt very low.

"I saw people my age on Instagram, which isn't the same for everybody, but I saw how they were living and I wasn't happy with how I was.

"One of my friends passed away, and I started to think that life is too short not to take advantage. I didn't want to waste it anymore."

Kobe said she started to use the gym as her way of expressing her emotions, as her therapy.

She said: "If I was feeling low or angry, I would often have my best workouts.

"I would say to people to use every opportunity given to you, no matter how big or small. I found putting myself out of my comfort zone was difficult, but I am happier now. Try not to give up at the first hurdle."

Now, with a health book out, Kobe is preparing to compete in her third beauty pageant.

She said: "I competed in Miss Great Britain in September, Miss Progress in Italy in October and will be entering Miss Galaxy next March. It was weird being in a swimsuit on stage, but I am really excited to compete next year."

Kobe's book can be found on her Instagram which is @Kobilishious