Plans to build a 10-storey school near a busy road have been branded "bonkers".

London South East Academies Trust (LSEAT) are trying to build the new school on the corner of Westmoreland Road and Masons Hill in Bromley on the former DHSS site.

A planning application was sent to Bromley Council last January requesting permission to build the Science, Health and Wellbeing Academy (SHaW).

The council will decide on December 13 if the school can go ahead.

A group called the SHaW School Development Bromley Action Group are opposing the build.

Deb Williams, 64, of Hayes Road, is a founding member.

She said: “I am very concerned. It’s the danger to the children that is really worrying me because the entrance to the school is right on the junction.

“When children come out of school they are in high spirits, and that’s a nice way of putting it!

“As they come out of that school they are right on the junction. Those two roads are so busy. Can you imagine? I think there will be an accident.”

The group are concerned that the tall building will be overbearing for residents. They also worry that the school will not be able to do adequate fire safety.

Ms Williams said: “I wouldn’t dream of sending my child to a ten-storey school that has no outside playing space.

“They have to be bussed to other schools to take part in games. There is pollution all around them. There is no parking for teachers. What teachers are going to apply for a job there?

“I think it will a very bad and unhealthy experience for the children. SHaW stands for Science, Health and Wellbeing and yet they are going to put children in a hermetically sealed environment. It’s nothing short of bonkers!”

A spokesman from LSEAT said: “The proposed new school at Westmorland Road will offer a new approach to secondary education for Bromley.

“It will give 11—19-year-olds the opportunity to study at a brand new school equipped to the highest standards, with sponsorship from a university and employer partners and will specialise in science, health and wellbeing, based on needs of local employers and the economy.

“There is a growing skills gap emerging, both nationally and regionally within this sector and many exciting career and employment opportunities are on offer.”

Residents can have their say on the plans by visiting Bromley Council’s planning portal:

The reference for the school’s planning application is: Ref: 17/00429/FULL1.