So Solid Crew singer Lisa Maffia came to Beckenham yesterday to open a fine art gallery.

Lisa performed a ribbon cutting ceremony at the ME Art Gallery which is owned by businessman and art enthusiast, Joe Lewis.

The 21 Seconds singer was joined by grime artist Wretch 32.

Lisa said: “The ME Art Gallery brings something to the town which it has lacked for a while, a touch of high-end culture. It’s going to bring awe and smiles to a lot of residents’ faces”.

Mr Lewis is launching work by London based artist Endless.

Mr Lewis said: “As well as being a passionate art enthusiast, I am also passionate about my local community, which is why I chose to open the ME Art Gallery in Beckenham.

“I’m grateful to the musicians as well as the other guests who were able to take the time out of there day to join us for the launch.

“For the first time, the residents of Beckenham can enjoy a taste of world-class art on their doorstep.”

Wretch 32 picked up a portrait from Endless. Speaking of the artwork Wretch 32 said: “Endless is a BEAST in the art world right now. Similar to my world there are many fakers in his industry.

“But everything about this guy and his style screams realness, and that’s why he caught my eye.”