Neighbours have slammed Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen after three of her hate messages were retweeted by Donald Trump.

Fransen, 31, from Penge, gained notoriety after the US President retweeted three unverified Islamophobic videos shared by the far-right party’s deputy leader on Twitter.

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James Oliverea, 24, a publishing consultant from Penge said: “It’s embarrassing to share a postcode with her.

“I’ve never come across her in real life, but I’m aware of her hated-filled little group.

“I got back from holiday last night and saw it all kicking off this morning.

“Not what you want to see your hometown in the news for.”

Grace Forester, 20, a student from Anerley, said that the government wasn’t doing enough to stop the far-right group.

She said: “It's a shame that Theresa May hasn't done more to condemn Trump's use of Britain First’s material.

“Britain First is a toxic and dangerous organisation.

“We need to do more to stop spreading hatred.”

But some people wanted to stay clear of the news.

Marie Lowman, 53, a housewife from Beckenham said: “Jayda sounds like a horrible person.

“I try to ignore Trump too. My husband and I always talk about his tweeting - I wouldn’t be surprised if he started a nuclear war from Twitter.

“Him and Kim Jong-Un just go back and forth all day attacking each other.

“I hope this Britain First malarkey doesn’t make our politicians end up like that.”

However, Fransen had some support in the area.

Joanna Kemp, 53, a full-time carer and ex-civil servant from Anerley, said: “I’d vote for Britain First. But I still don’t think Trump should be getting involved.

“I agree with them that we should get rid of all the immigrants.

“I voted UKIP last time, but they’ve got rubbish after Brexit.

“But I don’t want Trump’s support. He needs to stay out of British politics.

“He shouldn’t have a twitter account.

“He should be running the country and off bloody Twitter.

“He’s such a f**king pillock. Even worse than Boris Johnson.”