A little boy was so moved by the work of a domestic abuse charity that he set up an appeal to collect pyjamas for victims.

Dominic Owen, aged seven, from Bromley, learnt about how a family friend who works at Women’s Aid helps victims of domestic abuse.

And he set up a plan to collect as many pyjamas and books as possible ahead of Christmas Eve when he hopes to deliver them to Women's Aid, where staff will hand them out to children in shelters.

Mum Danielle Owen said: “He’s just got the biggest heart. Last year he wrote on his Christmas list ‘I want to send massive love to Syria,’ and things like that.

“Whenever he has friends around he’s always giving away his toys. He wants to share everything.

“I’m his mum and obviously I’m going to say this - but everyone he meets thinks he’s such a lovely boy. He’s always thinking of others.

“He’s made it his mission to change the world. On his desk he has a notepad that says, ‘help Women’s Aid, stop the war, save the world.’

“I’m extremely proud of him. He amazes me every day.”

Dominic goes to La Fontaine Academy in Bromley.

Headteacher Sebastien Chapleau said: “Dominic’s leadership is testament to what we’re doing as a school and, as ever, he’s gone above and beyond to make things happen. He’s a real inspiration to all of us!”

On his Christmas list, Dominic said he wanted "toys to give to children that don't have anything."

He wrote: "PS: I don't mind if you have to give them mine; I want EVERYONE to be happy!”

Anybody who wants to donate pyjamas should send them to:

Pyjama Appeal

La Fontaine Academy

Princes Plain