O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are thy (artificial, upside-down) branches.

Meet the arboreal craze taking this year’s yuletide to new and, perhaps, unnecessary places.

But hang on there a second. Is there method in Argos’ madness?

First of all, this unusual seven-foot fake-fir is pre-lit, sparing you the traditional two hours spent checking the connections on your illuminations before realising, yes, they’re kaput and you need to go to B&Q.

Secondly, it could come in quite handy for those with limited floor space, or over-enthusiastic pets looking to snaffle low-hanging chocolate from the floorward branches.

While the lack of bower also affords more room for present stowage, it does present the question of where to place the angel.

We’re sure it’s not what Prince Albert had in mind when, in 1848, he hoiked his spruce into Windsor Castle for Britain’s first ever Christmas tree.

But if you’re happy to shell out £189.99 at argos.co.uk this PVC pine (stand included) could be the one for you.

Remarkably, it’s also part of a three-for-two deal. So, should you wish, you could have a trio of these tapering trees knocking about your house for just shy of £380.