A ten-year-old boy and his little brother are raising cash for charity after opening their very own Santa's grotto - in their bedroom.

Louie Saunders used his pocket money to buy decorations for the grotto in the bedroom he shares with brother Ralphie, aged six, at Manor Road, West Wickham.

While Ralphie dresses up as an elf, Louie dresses up as Santa and the pair invite local children in every night, and ask them to make donations.

But there's just one snag - the electricity bill.

Mum Karen Lawler, 37, said: " I literally cannot believe how many lights there are.

“There are lights around the floor, there are lights around the skirting board, there are lights around the tree, he’s got light up reindeers, everywhere you look there is something.

"And there's a six-foot Christmas tree in there will baubles, lights, candy canes, sweets on it.

"It makes me quite emotional because I know they just love it so much!”

The Christmas-mad brothers have friends coming over every night after school. Once the grotto visit is finished they play music and have a disco in the bedroom, said Karen.

She added: "Louie is obsessed with Christmas, he literally loves it, he wants to speak to all his friends about it, he wants to get the decorations out on the first of November, and I’m like, ‘no that’s too early.’

“This is the third year running he’s done the grotto. We go to places like Ruxley Manor and Polhill and he gets all the lights and decorations in the sale. He goes all out and buys them with his own money."