New stores have opened in the Glades shopping centre in Bromley.

Cath Kidston and Chickidee Homeware have started trading this autumn, while other businesses include the Fragrance Shop, which specialises in perfume, the Glades’ Christmas shop, a Calendar Club store and pop-up Chocolate Workshop.

General manager of The Glades Kate Miller said: “It’s a wonderful thing when we can bring as many new businesses as we have to the centre, and to Bromley itself.

“Stores can’t operate successfully without great team members, so the recruitment drive that ensues means we are investing directly into local people.

“It’s brilliant that we can open doors for more people to make progress with their retail careers, and in a thriving location.”

Christian French, kiosk manager at Cath Kidston, said: “This is our first venture at The Glades as a kiosk and the reaction has been fantastic.

“So many lovely people have said how pleased they are to see us at the centre and how they wish for us to be here permanently, which is great to hear.

“The warm welcome from everyone has been wonderful and we’re looking forward to meeting many more customers over the festive season,” he said.

More businesses are set to open in the Glades, the first of which will be tutor company Explore Learning.

The company users tutors to teach small groups of children for short sessions after school and in the early mornings.

Ms Miller said: “Family life is incredibly busy so when Explore Learning opens, children and their parents will be able to really maximise their time at the centre.”